Trinity Velazquez  Editor in Chief  Timothy Holdiness   News Editor   Tyrenisha James  Reporter   Northwestern State University closed the week of March 29 through April 4 for spring break. The weeklong break came after a busy first half of the semester filled with unprecedented snowstorms and the familiar stress of midterms.   Some students got much-needed rest during break, but others used the break to get back on track with course work.   Promise Bears,Continue Reading

Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor   Northwestern State University’s School of Creative and Performing Arts theater department is preparing “Working,” a new musical set to hit the Fine Arts Auditorium in the A.A. Fredericks Arts Center on April 21.  Written by Stephen Schwartz and Nina Faso and based on the Studs Terkel book “Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How TheyContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney   Fashion Columnist   Spring trends are rolling in and, demons, I’m looking forward to the bright colors and funky prints that will be heading out on the runways, right into stores, online, Walmart or even Goodwill Industries. With trends coming back from almost every decade, on-style clothes will be easy to find thisContinue Reading

Krista Hanson  Viewpoints Editor  Global warming and protecting the Earth has become a highly political topic. But at the end of the day, the issue seems fairly simple: make big changes to help the Earth and the environment to cut down on the ways we contribute to its destruction before our habits destroys us.   There are a couple ways of doingContinue Reading

Kendall Caple    Reporter    Northwestern State University is set to host Hotter ‘N Hell, a collegiate art exhibition that features any form of art that uses fire or heat during the creative process.   The exhibition’s name, Hotter ‘N Hell, was inspired by NSU mascot, Vic the Demon, paired with the hottest months of theContinue Reading

Mary Gaffney   Fashion Columnist   With spring happily springing into season, spring cleaning will eventually start. Spring cleaning means that cleaning out our closets is a disaster of an event that is slowly crawling toward us.   Ever since quarantine, I’ve seen trends come and go as a fun way to just forget about theContinue Reading

Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor   Professor Neeru Deep sits at the desk in her office, her eyes welcoming above her mask. The office has a comfortable atmosphere that seems to be intended to make her students feel at home.   “It’s like a big family for me. NSU, yes, I call it NSU family,” Deep said.Continue Reading

Timothy Holdiness  News Editor  Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Louisiana Legislature has had an internal struggle regarding the COVID-19 restrictions put in place by Gov. John Bel Edwards.   “They have somewhat retreated on that lately,” Mandi Landry, a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives said. “It’s been quiet.”  Louisiana Attorney Gen. Jeff Landry sued the governor to endContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez  Editor in Chief   Timothy Holdiness   News Editor   On Tuesday, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards recently expanded COVID-19 vaccine availability to individuals over age 18 who meet criteria met on the Louisiana Department of Health website, according to an official press release.   Northwestern State University will administer the Moderna vaccine Wednesday, MarchContinue Reading

Mya Melancon  Contributing Writer  As we reach the end of Women’s History Month, I can’t help but think of all the powerful women who have come before me. Specifically, I would like to highlight the life and work of Marsha P. Johnson, a revolutionary woman whom I consider to beContinue Reading