KNWD has something for everyone

The staff of KNWD has been creating special playlists for a while, but the idea really took off this year. NSU’s diverse student population calls for keeping many genres on rotation and providing audiences with a wide variety of listening options.

In the past, playlists were created for holidays and certain months, like the “Rocktober” lineup for the month of October; however, Internal Music Director Trena Camp and External Music Director Ka’ihe Fisher have expanded the idea to include birthdays and artist groups.

“We’re trying to be uber-inclusive this year,” Fisher said. “Radio isn’t genre-specific, and it should include music that everyone can enjoy.”

On Fridays throughout the month of February, the station will broadcast their Black History Month playlists.

“We focus on a different genre each week and play songs from influential black artists,” Camp said.

General Manager Courtney Page thinks the Music Committee has “set a really huge goal for themselves” in creating five playlists a month for their station’s Spotify and for playing on-air.

Valentine’s Day has its own playlist, followed by a breakup playlist for the days after. The staff is also working on playlists for both Rihanna and George Harrison’s upcoming birthdays. Past birthday playlists have included Drake, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Jay-Z.

KNWD will send links to OrgSync surveys through Student Messenger asking students what they would like to hear the station play. Students wanting to provide even more input are invited to join the public KNWD Music Committee group on Facebook.

Toria Smith

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