New City Park offers amphitheater


The recent construction on Second Street may have inconvenienced some residents, but the proposed outcome of these developments will give Natchitoches its own amphitheater.

Dating back to Ancient Greece, major cities, or poleis, had outdoor amphitheaters where citizens gathered for meetings, entertainment and important public announcements.

Today in Natchitoches, the City Park on the corner of Second Street and Amulet Street constructed a new outdoor amphitheater complete with a stage area and outdoor seating. City planning and development put down grass and planted trees for this area that will be free and open to the public.

Meanwhile, downtown on Front Street, construction is well underway for a stage by the riverbank. Essentially, the preexisting stage is getting a makeover. This could benefit Natchitoches’ tourism, providing an outdoor venue for guest artists and performances during festivals like Christmas Fest.

Director of Community Development Randy LaCaze believes that these projects should continue the growth of the city, moving the community forward to a greater level of success.

“Most of the large projects take at least six months to one year to plan and have ready for construction to start,” LaCaze said. “Small repair projects can usually be accomplished in one to two months.”

The completed city park project was financed by significant grant funds through the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the general budget for the city of Natchitoches.

The next big project on the list is the development of the Brewery at the old Archer Daniel’s Midland site along the Cane River, which is expected to benefit the local economy and provide jobs. This will be a larger

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