FMLA to host political climate panel

Ashleigh Fedderman of FMLA writes a supporting message to Louisiana Trans Advocates after three transgender women of color were murdered in February 2017. Photo by Caleb Howell


NSU’s Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance is hosting a panel to talk about issues dealing with the current social climate.

FMLA became a recognized student organization in 2014 with the purpose of celebrating feminism. The organization defines feminism as the belief in political, social and economic equality for all people.

FMLA President Meg Denny encourages all students to come to the panel and participate in the open forum.

“It’s impossible in 2017 to participate in academics without acknowledging current events,” Denny said. “This panel exists to help us work through, not around, the chaotic political climate that bombards us daily.”

Students and faculty will present at the panel, serving as an open platform to discuss resistance towards potentially rising fascism in the United States.

With the Trump administration settling in, new legislation is taking a hard right turn from the Obama administration, a change that some welcome with open arms and evokes fear in others. The panel is a way to open up a dialogue and encourage students to discuss their questions, fears and opinions.

The panel is on Wednesday, March 15 at 3:30 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom. Panelists include Airrol Angelle, Pearlie Jones, Laura Guzman and Professor of English Dr. Holly Stave.

“One of my fears is that due to political and social pressure, I will feel forced to live my life in shame of being an immigrant rather than in celebration of the label,” Guzman, one of the panelists, said. “I chose to be a panelist because I hope to remind humans of the love and not the weapons that we need to survive this war.”

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