President and Vice President elected uncontested

Photo by Sigma Nu National Fraternity

Student body elections are still underway, but the seats for Student Government Association President and Vice President have already been filled by the only applicants for the positions.

The winners of the uncontested races are current SGA Vice President Otha Tré Nelson, a junior pursuing a liberal arts degree with a concentration in politics, philosophy and law from the Louisiana Scholars’ College, and current Secretary Trey Roberts.

For his first act as President, Nelson plans to finish the Campus Beautification Campaign, a project started by outgoing President John Pearce.

“This plan will zone designated areas around the campus that could use more aesthetically pleasing highlights added to them,” Nelson said. “I believe students feel a stronger connection to their university when they are infatuated with the beauty of the campus.”

“This project will understandably be a marathon, not a sprint, taking place over the course of a couple of months. But the end result will benefit the student experience as a whole on our campus,” Nelson said.

A “marathon” may seem like an intimidating project to start with, but Nelson is accustomed to the challenge of fulfilling his SGA responsibilities while juggling his academics; he has taken 17-21 credit hours every semester of his college career, allowing for a lighter schedule his final year.

Despite his busy schedule, Nelson has managed to maintain a 3.5 GPA and participate in other school activities, which include serving as the 2016 Homecoming King, a Sigma Nu Fraternity Councilmen, an Order of Omega member, a PLP and Freshman Orientation member, Vice President of Sigma Nu and the Interfraternity Council and a participant of numerous boards and committees.

During his vice presidency, Nelson has spent time working closely with Pearce, benefiting from valuable advice and insight for his soon-to-be job.

“John Pearce is a firm believer in assuring that all voices are heard during conversations that have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the student body,” Nelson said. “The [SGA] stands to be the voice of the student body and I fully intend to keep that mission as the primary goal of our organization.”

Nelson wants students to know that even as he runs around campus to get to his next class or meeting, he is doing it all for the students.

“One of the main reasons that I have striven to become so involved on campus is because I genuinely want to have the capability to help other students,” Nelson said. “I take the countless sleepless nights, sit in multiple meetings a week and put in the long hours of work to assure that the students have the best possible experience here at Northwestern State University.”

After graduation, Nelson plans to lobby for telecommunications, media or energy market companies. He will receive hands-on experience this summer when he interns with successful lobbyist and NSU alumnus Ted Jones.

Christina Arrechavala

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