The Poet Speaks

To You

Contributing Author

I don’t know what to say to you, or
about you.
You seem to think that I am a
Something to get to, and pass.
But that thought will only bring you
I am boundless, I have no borders,
But depths too deep for you to
Something about me is an enigma.
Something about me is a riddle,
Dressed up as a straightforward
Waiting to be tested.
A riddle I am, and still you piddle
around the paddle,
You could use to travel my inner
Something about me is a labyrinth.
It will take rep after rep and a spool of
gold thread,
For you to realize progress.
Something about me is calling to you,
telling you
Its name in a language you don’t
Something about me is different,
Than those girls you used to follow.
Something about you craves
And that part is looking at me.
Something about you is hungry
And knowing me would be its feast.

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