REVIEW | The ‘Bee Movie’ video game: it’s ‘unbeelievable’

The “Bee Movie” video game is probably the greatest product ever produced by a human being. It’s an open world action RPG made by the creators of the “Spider-Man 2” on Windows and loosely based on the movie of the same name by Dreamworks. You play as 2Bee, a bee-android hybrid, and the story is a murder mystery where you try to find out who killed your long-lost brother, Jerry Seinfeld.

As 2Bee, you will meet unforgettable characters along your journey like Jar Jar Binks, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Alex Kidd and even Luigi Mario.

It’s a gripping tale that takes you for one unbeelievable adventure with amazing twists and turns. It even deals with themes like racism, cults and political debates! It’s amazing what they were able to accomplish with the source material.

One major positive of the game is the graphics. The game runs on the Gamebyro engine at a solid 24fps making for a solid cinematic experience along with HD 240p resolution resulting in an extremely clear picture.

Gameplay in the Bee Movie game focuses solely on walking from point A to B and exciting fights inside of Quicktime events. Along with this are mini-games where you play Crazy Taxi or navigate 2Bee through rain with controls that are so slippery it perfectly mimics real-life drunk driving.

The game’s final boss is probably the best thing about it. Instead of having a tough-as-nails fight that test you on everything you know about the game, there isn’t even a final boss. It’s genius.

The Bee Movie game is one of the best games since 2016’s No Man’s Sky. It’s a really fun game that I’ve never played and recommend picking up on *The Pirate Bay. It gets The Current Sauce’s 600/3. It’s alright.

Anthony Renteria

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