Students represent NSU across the globe

NSU students are no strangers to summer activities whether it’s fun in the sun or working hard. Students from many departments represent the university across the globe with their temporary jobs, internships and study abroad experiences.


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Libby Blair

Student ambassador and sophomore biology major Libby Blair said her summer will consist of working on campus and traveling outside of the country.

Blair will work in NSU’s recruiting office during the summer but also travel to Guaimaca, Honduras, on a mission trip. The trip, organized by Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International, will focus on working in a hospital setting with a team of health professionals and volunteers like Blair.

“Everyone else like me who are not licensed will help in any way we can – organizing, playing with kids [and] going to other sites in Guaimaca to clean or clear,” Blair said.

Blair will also travel to another Spanish-speaking country, Mexico, this summer with family. Though she studied Spanish in high school and only remembers the basics, she isn’t nervous about the language barrier for either trip since she’s armed with apps and technology to help with communication.



Jeremy Orgeron

Sophomore English major Jeremy Orgeron will travel to Angers, France, with a small group of fellow Demons to study abroad for a month. The trip to Angers has become an annual event for students and faculty, and students like Orgeron use it to immerse themselves in the French language and culture.

The study abroad trip also includes the required French course. The class, aimed at learning conversational French, is taught by Dr. Benjamin Forkner, assistant professor of French and Spanish at NSU.

Orgeron hopes to become fluent in French and “live like a local” while abroad, celebrating the rich experience that can come from learning and observing in an unfamiliar atmosphere.

“I think that being at least bilingual is important to connect, reach and understand more people,” Orgeron said. “Not just with words, but with culture and the differences and similarities between peoples.”


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Charles Anderson Jr.

Charles Anderson Jr., a senior theatre major with a double concentration in musical theatre and dance performance, will work as a dancer for the Texas Outdoor Musical Drama in Canyon, Texas.

After submitting a resume, the company requested a dance reel from Anderson and sent him a contract immediately after reviewing the recordings.

“One of my dreams is to be in movie musicals like ‘High School Musical’ and ‘Hairspray,'” Anderson said. “But also being that Beyoncé, Todrick Hall, Brian Friedman and RuPaul are major inspirations for my artistry, I aspire to do it all and not be held in any box.”

Anderson’s contract with Texas Outdoor Musical lasts from May 14 until August 19 with performances starting June 2 at The Pioneer Amphitheater in Palo Duro Canyon State Park. The show seeks to express heritage and history with a musical setting.

Anderson said this experience will serve as an atmosphere for networking and boosting his performance skills with the show’s mandatory dance classes.



Justin Dollar

Dollar, a graduate student pursuing health and human performance with a concentration in sports administration, will move toward his career goal of becoming a Division I college athletic director with an internship in Atlanta, Georgia.

After serving as an event coordinator intern at the Georgia Games from late April to early August, Dollar was one of 20 people to receive the internship opportunity out of 200 applicants.

“This is an intense-from-the-ground-up internship,” Dollar said. “My education has really prepared me to know what to expect.”

Dollar said while the rest of his peers may have more base knowledge about sports administration because he studied criminal justice as an undergraduate, his internship in Atlanta will further his knowledge and aid in progressing his career goals.

“I’ve always shot for the stars… I’m a natural leader, so [becoming a] director of athletics is just something that makes sense for me,” Dollar said.

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