Shreveport campus to open Café DeMon

Students at NSU’s College of Nursing & School of Allied Health in Shreveport currently do not have access to on-campus food establishments, such as Vic’s or Iberville Dining Hall, for example, available at Natchitoches’ campus. This will soon change with the construction of a Café DeMon opening in the near future.

Dr. Dana Clawson, dean of CONSAH, said members of the campus’ SGA had long been asking for an eatery where students and faculty could purchase food between classes.

“The CONSAH campus does not have any food [or] drink vendors… other than vending machines,” Clawson said. “The idea was originally the students’. I asked NSU’s leadership council about having a coffee shop built, like the one being built – at that time – on the Natchitoches campus.”

This wish has been granted, and the new café is projected to open July 1.

571 students were enrolled at the Shreveport campus in fall 2016. Clawson said this number, along with having over 50 faculty members, more than justifies the need for a food establishment, and that she “absolutely” believes this is a worthwhile investment for their community.

“Nursing students deserve to have a place to eat and get coffee between classes just like all other NSU students,” Clawson said. “They do not have time to drive down a very busy road and return without being rushed and endangering themselves.”

Alec Horton

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