Health Services to host informational session

NSU Health Services is hosting “Let’s Get Frank” Sept. 5 to inform the Northwestern State University community on the importance of relationships, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. The presentation will be in the Cane River Room of the Student Union at 6 p.m.

“We want to have a real, honest and open conversation about things we don’t normally talk about,” said Stephanie Campbell, director of health services.

Intimacy is one of those subjects, both in romantic and platonic relationships. However, Campbell wants to touch upon more than just the physical aspect of intimacy; she plans to discuss all 11 characteristics involved.

Through the presentation, Campbell wants to help students recognize the difference between healthy and toxic relationships and which relationships “have the potential to improve and which ones would be best to not continue.”

Relationships are an important part of most people’s lives, but understanding one’s needs and desires affects how relationships work out.

“Let’s Get Frank” also aims to educate students about sexuality and self-care. Part of this includes pregnancy prevention and education.

Campbell said she has seen the pregnancy rate on campus increase in the past couple of years. In response to this increase, Health Services has made efforts to inform students of their options and various actions to take, which includes different forms of education and what resources are available for student use both on and off campus.

“In my interactions with students, most tend to drop out due to pregnancy, so retention is a big effort,” Campbell said. “It’s not impossible to graduate with a small child, but it is very difficult.”

Lastly, Health Services will present information on STI prevention and appropriate courses of action following infection along with information on Title IX and what to do in cases of sexual misconduct.

Campbell believes the NSU community is accepting of sexual education and expanding upon on their preexisting knowledge.

“I don’t want to embarrass anyone, but I do want to be very direct and very open about the subject,” she said.

“I want for the students who attend [the presentation] to feel like they’re welcome to ask questions, and if they’re not comfortable asking questions in that setting, they can come to the clinic, and we’ll be happy to talk to them.”

Health Services is located at 315 Caspari St. next to the campus police station. More information is available at

Samantha Maiette

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