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KNWD attracts DJs from all backgrounds

KNWD DJ personalities vary from the themes of their radio shows to their academics and professional aspirations. While some DJs involved with the station are associated with the New Media, Journalism and Communication Arts department, others find themselves in the station despite their majors.



Senior music business major “DJ BEXRDWN” Xavier Matthews serves as KNWD’s DJ Coordinator and has his own show at the station, “Bexrdwn’s Spectrum of Sound,” Saturdays at 1 p.m. He describes his sound as “future bounce,” a mixture of old soul, hip hop, trap and more.

Matthews says he loves sharing music with the public and the opportunities KNWD has opened up for him, as well as interacting with the other DJs in the station.

“Coming into the radio station opened up the gates to media and [the] music industry and learning how to produce, become a sound engineer [and] get into audio production,” he said.

Not only does he organize the DJ selection process after applications are submitted and meet with DJs throughout the semester, but he has also started his own side projects to potentially help DJs with futures in radio.

“I’m currently doing a project where I’m building a radio show archive – [basically] a folder full of all the radio shows,” Matthews said. “If a DJ wants to put in a resume for a radio station [in the future], they can have a piece of their work to go along with it.”

BEXRDWN will open KNWD’s EDM and hip hop festival Neon Inferno, which features headliner DJENKO.


DJ Smoke Dawg & Messy Mo

“Live in the Dawg House with KREW” with “DJ Smoke Dawg” Regis Perry and cohost “Messy Mo” Moesha Smith features hip hop and R&B music with a side of Question of the Day.

“We may talk about things that are going on in the world – music, sports, politics – anything of that nature that’s important,” Perry said.

“It’s normally controversial, [but] we just try to keep it neutral,” Smith said.

“Last week we did a Would You Rather question, and it was ‘would you rather live one life for a thousand years or live ten different lives a hundred years at a time?'”

Although Perry says he is more laid back when it comes to planning for the show, Smith describes herself as “the bossy one” who likes to structure show segments between music breaks.

Similar to Matthews, both found being a DJ has helped with their respective majors.

“As a social work major, it’s helped me learn that if I know what I’m talking about, I’m not really scared to talk in front of people,” Smith said.

“Live in the Dawg House with KREW” airs on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.


DJ Sunshine

Sophomore Robyn Beatty runs “Morning Sunrise with DJ Sunshine,” a Sunday morning show dedicated to lesser known indie pop and indie rock music with segments such as Motivational Quotes and Fun Facts.

“The motivational quote is supposed to help you jump-start your week [and] help get you prepared for a good, successful week,” Beatty said.

Bright-eyed with a bubbly personality, Beatty exudes the positive DJ Sunshine attitude not only on her radio show, but in her day-to-day life as well.

“I just take it as it goes [and] with a grain of salt,” she said.

A theatre kid to her core, Beatty selects songs on Thursdays and rehearses her script until her Sunday show, including her tradition of going to Café DeMon before coming to the station.

“For me, [my show is] like my own theatre outlet,” she said. “It’s my own personal growth and an experience I’ll never forget because [not everyone] can say that they [had their own radio show] in college.”


The Nameless DJ

Dean Mayeux, clad in a Pokémon Eevee evolution graphic tee, is The Nameless DJ of “Golducks, Glissandos & Game Tunes,” also known as Triple G, which airs Tuesdays at 5 p.m.

Mayeux considers his show a spin-off of another KNWD show, “Hollywood Milestones,” with a video game soundtrack focus. He provides basic information about games on his show such as gameplay and reviews, including discussion with a rotating cast of guest hosts. Even his DJ name derives from video games; The Nameless DJ is based on The Nameless King in “Dark Souls 3.”

Triple G is a way to unwind outside of classes and a busy schedule for the junior music education major.

“This is the one hour out of the week where being in that studio I’m just completely cut off from everything else in the world,” he said. “I can just sit in the station and listen to music and talk about a good video game.”

Since starting Triple G, Mayeux said he has come to appreciate video games differently than he once did.

“It has broadened a little bit of my horizon as far as the concept of video games as art,” the DJ said. “There’s just as much work that has to go into the music that goes into the gameplay and the graphic design and everything else. A music score can make or break a video game just as much as a movie [score] can.”

Jordan Reich

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