Weather causes closures statewide

Below-freezing temperatures, snow and ice caused a two-day delayed start for all Northwestern State University campuses last week, as well as cancellations for many other schools and government offices in Louisiana.

Though Natchitoches’ roads were not severely affected by ice to prevent local commuters from traveling, many roads across the state were closed, and some flights were delayed or canceled.

Senior Meg Denny faced multiple obstacles while traveling to New Orleans’ airport to pick up fellow students, some of whom experienced flight delays. Altogether, Denny spent 20 hours driving between last Tuesday and Thursday when it normally would have taken eight.

“We couldn’t go more than 5 mph without fishtailing,” she said of a road completely frozen over. “I kept thinking we were going to spin out.”

The students made it back to Natchitoches after enduring the hazardous conditions Thursday evening, missing the first day of classes. As if that wasn’t enough, Denny returned home to a broken water heater.

And she wasn’t the only one who couldn’t comfortably shower last week. Water in University Place II was shut off for a couple hours Thursday to repair a leak. Later that evening, a fire sprinkler burst, causing a brief building evacuation so the city fire department could resolve the issue.

Furthermore, a gas line that powered water heaters to the dorm was damaged during the freeze, and UP II residents were without hot water until early Friday afternoon.

If campus residents are still experiencing issues in their building, call 318-214-5400 or submit a maintenance request online.

Alec Horton

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