Quiz | How well do you know NSU?

How well do you know NSU?

No cheating, okay? By the end of this quiz, you'll know if you're serving #PurplePriday every day or if you're just here to get that piece of paper. Or even worse: Maybe you're a Louisiana Tech transfer!

NSU originally bore which name?

1. Bullard School
2. Louisiana State Normal College
3. Louisiana State Normal School
4. Northwestern State College

Louisiana State Normal School

Louisiana State Normal School was founded as a two-year program for prospective teachers in the Bullard Mansion. The name was first changed to Louisiana Normal College in 1921 after it became a four-year institution. In 1944, the school became Northwestern State College and then Northwestern State University in 1970.

Which road is longest on the Natchitoches campus?

Photo by Billy Hathorn
1. Caspari Street
2. S Jefferson Street
3. Sam Sibley Drive
4. Tarlton Drive

S Jefferson Street

S Jefferson Street stretches approximately 1.2 miles beginning at University Parkway and ending just after Tarlton Drive. Of these options, Caspari Street is the shortest at 0.7 miles.

How many theaters and recital halls are located in the two Creative and Performing Arts buildings?

1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four


From smallest to largest, CAPA houses Jack Wann Theatre, Theatre West, Magale Recital Hall and A.A. Fredericks Auditorium.

Who is credited as the founder of NSU?

1. Charles Adams Bullard, Jr.
2. Leopold Caspari
3. John Kyser
4. Sam Sibley

Leopold Caspari

Named "Father of Normal," French-born Leopold Caspari was a captain in the Confederate army and a Louisiana legislator. Both the administration building where the president's office is located and a campus road bear his name.

In which building is the Dean of Students office located?

1. Caspari Hall
2. Friedman Student Union
3. Kyser Hall
4. Student Services Center

Friedman Student Union

Maybe it's the stiff atmosphere and squeaky floors of Caspari Hall that keep students away from that building (Spoiler alert: It does). Luckily, the Dean of Students avoids daily exposure to asbestos by not occupying Kyser Hall. We're not saying Kyser is carcinogenic, but we're not not saying that either. Give us a call in 10 to 40 years for our answer.

How many NSU campuses are there?

1. One
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four


It's a small world, but not too small! NSU has four campuses: Alexandria, Leesville, Natchitoches and Shreveport. The Natchitoches campus has the largest population, but online-only students make up approximately 50 percent of total enrollment numbers.

In which year was NSU founded?

1. 1714
2. 1884
3. 1902
4. 1921


A legislative push initiated by Leopold Caspari succeeded in 1884 to found then-Louisiana State Normal School in 1884 in Natchitoches.

In 1923, all NSU athletic teams became known as the Demons after a student vote. Which mascot was the second most popular option?

1. Braves
2. Daredevils
3. Pelicans
4. Serpents


Under then-President V.L. Roy and Coach H. Lee Prather, NSU held a student contest to choose a mascot for the school. The Demons received the most votes, and Braves placed second. Students Aileen Ritter and Truett Scarborough won the contest grand prize of $10, and the Demons became the official mascot on Nov. 8, 1923.

All 8 questions completed!

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