Beta Alpha Psi hosts crawfish boil

To raise money for children in Africa and fund their trip to a national meeting, new business fraternity Beta Alpha Psi hosted their first annual crawfish boil March 16.

Imani Ricks, treasurer of the organization, said this crawfish boil was a way for them to start saving money for future use since their 2017 establishment. This money would be used for events like another crawfish boil, recruitment and conferences.

“We’re also taking 25 percent of the proceeds to donate to the children in Africa for necessities,” Ricks said. “They don’t really have shoes, clothes, water, any of that.”

Beta Alpha Psi plans to host this crawfish boil for a different cause each year. They will start recruitment events in the fall by reaching out to alumni and specialized areas of the business department.

“I’d like to see some professional connections with our business fraternities into the community,” Assistant Professor Beth Prejean said.

This seems likely since Ricks expressed desire to align Beta Alpha Psi with the larger Natchitoches community as well as the other business fraternities. Outreach efforts have already begun through this event.

Among the attendees, there were faculty and alumni from the business, psychology, and English departments. Dr. Holly Stave, professor of English in the Scholars’ College, said she found out from students selling tickets for the event, while others heard found out via flyers and NSU’s daily Student Messenger email.

“I think it was a really good way to raise money,” Stave said. “They really could not have done it on a nicer day, and to do it on a Friday was really strategic.”

Stave and others were pleased with the food’s taste and said they would likely attend next year.

With the success of this event, the organization is making plans for upcoming years to help business students grow and foster new connections with their communities and colleagues.

Zoe Almaraz

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