SGA Minutes | ULS Day response, Concert Committee discussion

President Tre Nelson commended Northwestern State for the amount of students who attended the University of Louisiana System day at the capitol. He also thanked SGA senators for their efforts promoting the event and for representing the student body.

Nelson said he noticed at ULS Day, Vic the Demon was not in full uniform like the other university mascots and was instead seen in a jersey and shorts.

“I don’t think I’ve personally seen Vic in full uniform since my freshman year,” the senior SGA president said.

He urged senators to create legislation detailing the guidelines for Vic’s appearance at certain events.

SGA also discussed an overview of the Student Activities Board and the Concert Committee at length. The Concert Committee is responsible for booking artists for events such as Homecoming and DemonFest.

“We need to have tabs on what SAB is doing,” Nelson said.

Nelson said while SGA has a representative attend these committee meetings, there is not a member of SAB who attends SGA meetings to provide updates like there was in past years. He also contemplated the creation of a vice-chair position who will report back to SGA.

Treasurer Aly Jacobs agreed with Nelson and also urged senators to create legislation. She also spoke about the process to book an artist and the paperwork behind it in response to senators questioning artist choices in the past.

“We need to create regulations … so they understand they can spend [money],” Jacobs said.

It was reiterated that Concert Committee meetings are open to all students, and it is important to voice opinions to representatives who serve on the committee.

Jordan Reich

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