Jacob Ellis sworn in as Student Government Association president

Sophomore Northwestern State University student Jacob Ellis was sworn in on Monday, April 30th as president of the school’s Student Government Association. Ellis has been involved with SGA since his freshman year and has ambitious plans for the upcoming year.

“My platform is the student experience,” Ellis told the Current Sauce the following day. “I want all students to have best experience they can have on this campus. That means implementing educational programming that benefits the students, that means bringing in public speakers that will teach and relate to the students. That also means making sure our technology in our classrooms are up to date and making sure the resources students have are adequate.”

But it is not just the main campus in Natchitoches, Louisiana, that Ellis is making his priority.

“My Vice President and I, along with a few senators, went to both the Alexandria and Leesville campuses because we know we still represent them,” Ellis said. “One of the things we’re working on is doing a lot of programming and things like that for our satellite campuses just so that all NSU students, no matter what campus they’re on, feel like they have a voice.”

Ellis’ predecessor Tre Nelson is confident in the man he’s passed the torch to. “I’ve really given him a lot of tips and mentorship these past couple of months as we’ve gotten closer to the inauguration,” Nelson said. “This past year, Jacob worked as one of my academic commissioners and he did a fantastic job. He got commissioner of the year, which is one of the biggest titles that we can give out in SGA.”

Tyler Wright, the newly-elected SGA treasurer entering his third year with the organization, also pointed to Ellis’ experience as commissioner as an indication of future success.

“I know Jacob has the competency to do the job,” Wright said. “I’ve seen him do it. Everyone brings their own views and objectives to the office, and on behalf of the SGA, I’m really excited to serve under him.”

Ellis, a 20-year-old business administration major, swore in at 6:00 on the evening of April 30th at the school’s National Center for Preservation Technology and Training. He described the occasion as a “humbling experience.”

“It really made me stop and think about what it was I was doing and what my job would be as president,” Ellis said. “I looked out in the crowd and saw all the people who were supporting me, people I would now lead, and it made me stop and realize that what I’m doing here is so much bigger than me.”

Ellis’ office is located on the first floor of NSU’s Student Union building. He can be reached at 318-357-4335, his office number, or 318-532-1229, his cell phone number, or by email at jellis067345@nsula.edu.

Jacob Bennett

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