SGA votes on new speaker, resolution

An election for Speaker of the Senate took place on Monday. Sen. Nick Hopkins won by 16 votes in a runoff against Sen. Cameron Coleman.

Triston Bussell was the previous speaker. No reason was given during the meeting for his departure.

Hopkins says he is very excited about his new position.

“It’s a fantastic group of senators,” Hopkins said. “I’m really looking forward to leading them,” Hopkins said.

The Student Government Association voted on a resolution to mark Sept. 24 as the first day of National Hazing Prevention Week. The resolution, seen below, was co-sponsored by Senators Kristen Prejean and Alexia Rubin.

Jacob Ellis, president of SGA, nominated Trey Kolb and Sydney Anderson for the Student Technology Advisory Team. The STAT nominees were appointed with no objections.


The resolution marks National Hazing Prevention Week.

Sadie LeComte

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