Intramurals: A sport for the whole school

By Kathleen Hilliard

Whether longtime athlete or just in it for the fun, Northwestern State University’s intramurals are something for everyone to get involved in.

“It’s literally for everyone, it’s just something fun that you can do with your people, but you’re not a professional,” says sophomore Brette Reaux, the Athletic Intramural Director for Tri Sigma Sorority.

Volleyball, flag football and soccer are just a few of the many offered in the fall semester. Smaller sports, like pickleball and rock/paper/scissors or ‘roshambo’ are offered as well on a weekly basis to any student that wants to participate.

When asked about what was most enjoyable about the intramurals, NSU student Kalee McGuffee spoke of “a place [for your sisters] that you can all get together and learn something new.”

One doesn’t have to be in a sorority or fraternity to participate, however. Student Bobby Armstrong referees several games a week and participates in his team.

“You make your own team and compete against everybody,” said Armstrong.

Along with creating teams, organizations such as the BCM participate as well. Over the years at NSU, intramurals have steadily grown more popular.

“Pretty much we’ve doubled since I’ve been here, in terms of size,” said Assistant Director for Intramurals and Club Sports Jason Stelly, who has worked at NSU since 2008. “We’ve always had steady increase and steady participation, and we hope to grow from there.”

Intramurals take place not only at Northwestern, but at several universities across the state. NSU competes against 12 to 14 other public universities in the state championships which will take place at the University of Louisiana at Monroe in November.

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