Dear Daeshon

By Jasmine Frazier.

There aren’t too many people in this world that you meet like Daeshon Gordon. She touched so many people without even knowing.

A lot of people know Dae to be the most amazing athlete! She was like a freak of nature. Any event you needed her to compete in, she was always physically capable of doing. She was filled with so many talents, but not many people had the opportunity to know them all.

She was the most loving, kind hearted and supportive friend you could have asked for. Daeshon’s strength, motivation and determination always inspired us. Anything she put her mind to, she stuck to. It didn’t matter how lazy she may have felt or how tired she might have been, her dreams were what mattered to her.

At NSU she gained a family, and best friends who will never forget her. She leaves behind a legacy of being the fastest 100-meter hurdler in Northwestern State’s history. One of her lifelong dreams was to become an elementary school teacher and change the lives of unfortunate children.

We will always miss you and love you. Please watch over us.

Love, the track and field team.

The Current Sauce

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