The more hugs you give, the longer you live

Hugs make you healthier and happier. As I was scrolling mindlessly through social media one day, I came across an article on “What Are the Benefits of Hugging?” It explained that studies show humans need four hugs a day for survival and 12 hugs for growth.

For me, hugs are a form of communication. You can express different kinds of emotion with just a hug. The article says that frequent hugs with the people close to you can have helpful effects on both your brain and body. This is true because the tighter the hug, the better I feel.

I know there are people who claim to not want physical contact and I can respect that. Those people don’t have to list reasons as to why they don’t want this form of contact. I hope that whenever they do want a hug that I’m able to give them one because everyone needs a hug.

I think people who push people away really are screaming for someone to remain close to them. The people that smile the brightest might be holding back tears and the students who are hard on themselves because of their grades might actually be struggling.

I don’t know that for sure—I might never know unless I ask but people don’t usually open up to strangers. I don’t know the story of every student on this campus, that’s why I smile at everyone I pass. I hope that anyone who needs it has a better day than they did before.

Hugs help reduce your fears and pain, the studies in the article describe that when someone gives out a hug it decreases anxiety and sometimes increases self-esteem. This is why you want to hug or hold someone’s hand it makes you feel better.

Hugging is a form of intimacy. Someone is giving you permission to enter their space and step out of their boundaries.

I like to think that hugging is an important step when gaining someone’s trust because I’m allowing myself to be held and be vulnerable, even if it’s just for a brief moment.

This is why hugs mean so much to me and it’s why I love them so much. I hope to hug as many people as I can in my lifetime.

Trinity Velazquez

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