Magee’s Patio Café: a review

Magee’s Patio Café, located across the street from campus, is a restaurant I used to visit often. Is it a restaurant designed for tourists and prospective students, or is this a restaurant that the student body should be frequenting more often?

The combination of the inside and outside picnic bench seating, along with the vintage sign, gives off the vibes of a Floridian poolside café. Magee’s is very…particular. At the register, you’ll see a sign stating you are allowed only one refill. The menu is amended simply by using a sharpie.

For this visit, I ordered a Turkey Club Combo. The total for my meal was around thirteen dollars. The price point for fries, a fountain drink, and a sandwich seems almost needlessly high. It hurts my wallet and soul knowing I could get a full meal at Chili’s for nearly the same price.

The Turkey Club, admittedly, was delicious. It was fresh tasting, while also satisfying the deep, glutenous need to stuff my face. It was double stacked with two full layers of meat, cheese and lettuce. The fries were crispy, but definitely not anything special. I think a good fry means you don’t need ketchup, and these were certainly not in that category of fry.

After waiting for what felt like a long time at the register, someone finally offered to give me my one free refill. I would say that the service is fairly hit or miss. There are some people working that will smile and treat you very kindly, but there are others on staff that look as if they are trying to make you disappear with the power of their stare- in the other direction.

During this visit I remembered why I used to eat at Magee’s, but also why I stopped. The food overall is pretty average, but really overpriced. It has a cute atmosphere, fun for sitting around and talking to friends, but if you don’t have the coin, don’t bother.


Rating : /

(2/5 pitchforks)

Anna Birbiglia

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