Renovations to come to Northwestern’s campus

By Kathleen Hilliard.

Two of the most popular spots on campus are designated to be renovated in the near future: A.A. Fredericks, and what’s known as “The Alley”, the hallway leading from the Student Union to The Grill. The A.A. Fredericks renovations are set to take place sometime after the Christmas Gala, due to the large population of students that frequent the building during the holiday season.

“This will be a complete facelift of the auditorium,” said Dale Wohlez, the director of the physical plant. The plans include replacing ceiling tile, adding paint and laying down new flooring. Different light fixtures, accompanied by fresh trim, is set to give the auditorium a new look.

“The idea for the new look is for it to feel like an upgrade,” said Wohlez. “I feel like it will become a showcase hall for the whole university, and for all of the functions held in the building.”

The renovations for the Alley, however, have yet to be determined.

“[In Vics] the kitchen has leakage issues. Our first step is to repair those leaks,” said Frances Conine, the Dean of Students. The ideas for the Alley that are being considered are all about the students.

“I just want it to be a nice place for students and the community,” said Conine. “A popular idea being tossed around is to create it into a multi-purpose space for the students. Renovating the bathrooms and the ballroom are some other areas that are being looked into as well.”

The budgets for both projects have not been determined yet, but both projects are set to be completed as soon as possible.

Photo by Victoria Perkins.

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