Welcome to the new year, Demons

It might be just me, but I was really excited to come back to campus.

The last 2 weeks of break were just my parents getting on my nerves and me miss-ing my apartment since I was staying in my parents’ guest room. Another thing I was tired of was people asking me what my New Year resolution would be. I felt like I kept repeating myself when I said that I didn’t want to make one. I don’t understand why people were so shocked, it’s not like I was denouncing Christ or something.

I think New Year’s resolutions are unnecessary and a waste of time, kind of like the core classes students have to take in their first two years (but that’s an article for an-other time). Why set a goal to get toned, spend a ton of money on protein powder and ex-pensive vitamins just for them to sit in your pantry unopened because you tell yourself that you’re going to the gym during the weekend when all of a sudden you realize that it’s Sunday morning and you’re surrounded by empty bags of potato chips from Friday night.

People forget their resolutions in like a month and it’s pretty scary of how quick we give our goal and move on to the next big thing. Our attentions span is shorter than Donald Trump’s staff in the White House.

I say that if a person wants to make a goal that they wouldn’t normally do, then start with something small like picking up that messy pile of clothes on your bedroom floor and folding them to put them away. Or maybe throwing out all those pictures of your ex that you hung up on your wall with a clothespin and fairy lights.

While you’re at it, throw out those old t-shirts and caps that you think you’re saving for sweet memories but it actually looks like you’re a hoarder. Let your New Year’s resolution be to stop being so toxic and figure out what you’re doing to hurt others instead of just thinking that everyone is hurting you.

If I were to set a New Year’s resolution for everyone, it would be inspired by what’s happening in the world to-day, don’t be an ass. But that’s unbelievable, just like the thought of Mexico paying for a wall or Elizabeth Warren running for president.

Hopefully this year is better than last year and we learn and grow with one another in love. I still think New Year’s resolutions are dumb but I know that this year won’t be. Good luck with this new year, De-mons, Lord knows we need it.

Trinity Velazquez

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