Center of Inclusion and Diversity moves to new office in Student Union

By Kathleen Hilliard.

The Center for Inclusion and Diversity has moved from the second floor of the Friedman Student Union down to the glass offices near the Grill.

“I think [the move] will make us more visible and students will see who we are and what we do,” said CID Coordinator Brittany Blackwell Broussard, who’s also a psychology professor at NSU. “I like unity and want this campus to be more unified,” Broussard said.

Meant to be an accessible and visible area for both students and faculty, the decision to move the department from the second floor to the first floor was made by several faculty members.

The move also allowed the director of the Students Activity Board to be next to the SAB offices upstairs.

“I hope more students will walk through there and see [CID] just walking to the Union,” said Dean of Students Frances Conine. “I’m hopeful of that,” said Conine.

The department has plans for events in the works for Black History Month and more in mind, all of which can be found online on their Facebook page.

CID was also a host of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day march that occurred Jan. 21.

“The Center for Inclusion and Diversity means that no one gets left behind,” says Ashante Knox, a junior currently interning for the CID.

“It’s a place where it’s okay to get personal. Our intention is to ensure that every individual at NSU, no matter their identity or background, feels included at NSU,” said Knox.

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