OPINION: My love for NSU is infinite

I will love NSU for eternity.

Some people think I’m saying this because I’m a sophomore, but I don’t think that’s the case. If my high school self could see me now, she wouldn’t be able to recognize me.

I was terrified of coming to college because I felt like I wouldn’t make any friends or find a place, but I did.

NSU has presented me with so many opportunities and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I meet incredible people, faculty and students alike, every day.

I wish that I remember all the greatest moments at NSU, but I know that it isn’t possible. In 10 years, I won’t remember stressing over midterms and finals or the pointless fights that I had with friends.

With that said, I don’t love the fact that NSU doesn’t focus on diversity in administration and students as much as it should, but I know that NSU could work on bringing in more people from all walks of life to teach and study here.

There also needs to be more of a focus on other majors, not just on education and nursing.

NSU has so many great openings for students to take advantage of, but because a lot of students don’t hear about them, they don’t take advantage of it. A lot of students who aren’t in Greek life have expressed that they don’t receive as many opportunities or chances opposed to those in Greek life.

That may seem true that Greek life students are recognized more and are in more organizations but being in Greek life doesn’t mean they automatically get certain positions or are favored.

Greek life students are just really involved, and you don’t have to be in Greek life to be involved on campus. I hope that in the future NSU makes that a bit clearer so that all students can feel that they are treated equally.

During my time at NSU I hope to make students more comfortable and confident in themselves.

I want to show the world that NSU is a such a fantastic school and that coming here will not be regretted. I want students to be proud that they have come and studies in the small town of Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Most importantly, I hope to become the person that I have always wanted to be by the time I step into my own classroom full of little second grade students. I know that NSU is going to prepare me well and I’m so grateful for that. My love for NSU is something that I will always hold near and dear to my heart.

Trinity Velazquez

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