Has Gov. Edwards earned our vote for re-election?

By John Lee Hurt.

It’s no secret the next Louisiana governor election is coming up. It’s everywhere.

So far there’s only a small pool of candidates running, and one of them is Gov. John Bel Edwards.

When Gov. Edwards originally campaigned for office, he spoke out on Bobby Jindal’s pay for his staff. According to a Jan. 26, 2016, article by nola.com, he not only kept but raised salaries in some areas he criticized once in office.

Recently Gov. Edwards has been in the spotlight for encouraging teacher pay raises. I applaud him for that. Yes, please pay our teachers more. They deserve it!

I wonder though if this push comes from legitimate concern for teachers or for re-election proposes. It was hardly mentioned before. Republican or Democrat, I support a teacher pay raise.

He also has pushed for a minimum wage pay raise, something that is always controversial. Again, I have to question this timing.

According to a December 2018 article from “The Advocate” newspaper, Gov. Edwards has cozied up to President Trump in a re-election campaign preaching bipartisan efforts.

In August 2016, nola.com and several other news sources reported on Trump visiting Louisiana on almost what appeared to be a cold shoulder.

Seems like our governor is playing both sides of the coin.

I have to question these seemingly good ideas. I want us, as a state, to prosper, but does he actually care about us or just votes?

We need to elect a candidate who will fight for Louisiana within the state and on a national level. As of right now, I don’t know who that is.

Vote wisely and vote often, Demons.

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