OPINION: Is Disney really a happy place?

John Lee Hurt

Contributing Writer

The Disney corporation recently made news again but not for buying out yet another company. The Disney heiress Abigail Disney called out the Disney CEO for how much he makes per year. Leaving many to question how happy of a place it really is.

In 2018 the CEO earned $65.6 million dollars. Being a Disney fanatic that pay still surprised me. Bob Iger, the CEO, reportedly makes over 1,000x what the lower wage employees make according to Abigail. Some people have done the math on what he makes per year and he makes $8 a second. Ridiculous if you ask me.

Over the years I’ve been very vocal against a $15/h minimum wage and still am but Disney is the exception to the rule. Disney Cast Members work extremely hard and follow some tough rules such as the famous two finger point. They insure the place is spotless, well stocked and absolutely magical. They deserve a very livable wage. One extremely that Disney goes to is constant nightly repaints. Imagine having to repaint the same thing every night for bupkis pay. I’d be disgruntled too!

Also according to Disney employees are living in cars and rationing food and insulin. How come such a billion dollar company can’t offer better insurance? If they even offer any. I’m sure too Disney throws out food too so they should let the employees take it home.

I wrote this to caution you before working there as an intern. I still am a Disney fan and will still go but it left a distaste in my mouth. Hopefully soon Bob Iger will scale down his pay and up the pay of others.

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