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NSU’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success began in 2018, and an email offering students an invitation of membership is legitimate.

During the summer, some students received invitations to join The National Society of Leadership and Success.

Although the National Society of Leadership and Success is a legitimate organization, it was unfamiliar to some of the students who were offered membership. As a result, some potential members questioned whether the club was a scam.

The National Society of Leadership and Success is a real honor society brought onto campus by Denae Landry, the chapter’s president. Landry said she started the organization because it offered so many benefits for students.

“It was one of the organizations that wasn’t solely based on your GPA, and I love that,” Landry said. “I feel like every person has something valuable to offer, and my job in doing this is helping them discover that through setting goals and helping them find their true passion.”

According to the organization’s website, the National Society of Leadership and Success was founded on the core beliefs that “one can achieve one’s dreams with the proper support and dedicated action, and that we accomplish more together than we would achieve alone.”

Many of the people inducted into this society have gone on to become CEOs, politicians, and all-around powerful individuals today. Celebrities like Emmy award-winning weatherman Al Roker, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist Common all have one thing in common: National Society of Leadership and Success.

Gary Tuerack founded this society because he believed in creating long-lasting positive change, which Landry is carrying on.

An email from this society is not spam but an opportunity. Invitations were sent out to invite NSU’s finest to get involved and collect all the benefits and opportunities offered through this fresh organization.

Some of the benefits of joining include the opportunity for scholarships and a résumé builder. The cost to join is $95 and is due Sept. 4, 2019. The cost is a way to help members be able to participate and expand their resources.

The National Society of Leadership and Success is made up of diverse students from every department in hopes of keeping a long-lasting and supportive environment at NSU.

If someone has received an invitation to this society, go to for more information.



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