New faces prepare to take center stage

Briana Corley

Arts and Living Editor


New students of theater and dance will step across the Magale Recital Hall stage as they make their NSU stage debut in New Faces starting at 6 p.m. on Sept. 10.

The concept of the annual event, which is free and open to the public, was crafted as a form of initiation for freshmen and transfer students entering the department.

“For the department it’s a great way to create a community,” Sidney Gilder, senior and co-director of New Faces, said. “There’s a beautiful energy in the room, and we are all there cheering for every single piece, boosting them up and letting them know they’re safe here and can perform and present their art.”

As a production cultivated entirely in the honor of the new faces where upperclassmen of all variety assist newcomers in their specific area, it serves as not solely a source introduction but one of connection.

“Having that senior coach help does make a difference,” Kyle Harrison, freshman technician, said. “We met with the senior technician, and they let us take control. If we come up with a blank, they help us to keep us going.”

For Harrison, alongside many others in the production’s crew, New Faces will be his first time on stage, a factor that sheds light on the show’s practicality.

New Faces acts as a gateway of learning not only for its performing newcomers but those overseeing it. There are a total of nine student co-directors choreographing numbers, choosing music and assuring every detail is in place.

With this year’s theme playing ode to “The Greatest Showmen,” directors carefully both crafted and assisted all aspects of production, from the grand opening number, combining songs “The Greatest Show” and “This is Me,” to each individual monologue, dance, set piece and song.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity we’re getting and the fact the faculty and department are doing this for us,” Trevor McEvon, freshman dancer and featured soloist in the opening number, said. “A lot of colleges don’t do this for their freshmen, so I think it’s incredible that Northwestern State does this.”



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