CAPA presents faculty showcase

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On Tuesday the annual NSU Faculty Showcase will be held in Magale Recital Hall from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The event has gone on for approximately 20 years at NSU and hosts both the music recital and the art faculty exhibition. The art exhibition will be open at 6:30 p.m. prior to the show.

This year will feature 14 performers with performances on voice, saxophone, oboe, violin, timpani, clarinet, French horn, cello, flute and bassoon.

Instructor of Oboe Leah Forsyth coordinated the NSU Faculty Showcase the past few years and was happy to do so again.

“It really brings everyone together including the community,” Forsyth said. “It allows students from all different studios to hear performances on instruments they might not normally hear. I really enjoy this event because it’s a fun collaboration between lots of faculty.”

The event is traditionally open to applied instrumental and voice faculty along with other appropriate collaborators in CAPA. Faculty are selected based on who decides to sign up in one of the available slots for the show.

Forsyth, one of the 14 performers for the event, will be performing a short oboe etude by a French composer.

Sophomore CAPA student Caroline Shepherd is excited to experience this year’s faculty showcase after attending last year’s performance.

“Not only does it give us as students an opportunity to see our professors rightfully show off their amazing hard work and talents, but it also displays our staff’s dedication and leadership,” Shepherd said. “By performing and giving us a sample of what they can accomplish, they’re setting an amazing example for students who are looking to improve their own performance and practice skills.”

The event is free for all NSU students and faculty.

“Even if students aren’t directly involved in CAPA life, the showcase is an extremely enjoyable display of our professor’s hard work and amazing talent,” Shepherd said. “There’s lots of good repertoire and a variety of pieces to come listen to.”

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