New construction site on campus is for LSMSA dorm

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According to Executive Director of LSMSA Steve Horton, recent construction of the new LSMSA dorm is expected to reach completion in the next two years.

The new dorms will house 360 LSMSA students across 125,000 square feet, three wings and four floors. The dorms will also feature kitchens, study rooms, a gaming room, a health center and quiet rooms throughout the building. The goal is to create a living and learning space for the students.

The decision to build the new dorm was finalized after it was revealed that the cost of renovating the hazardous standing dormitories would cost more than simply building a new one.

“We’re holding Prudhomme Hall and Caddo Hall together with masking tape at this point,” Horton said. “They’ve lived their nine lives plus more.”

Both halls currently hold approximately 362 students.

The land, also known as Eagle Field, was traded to LSMSA 15 years ago alongside other areas on NSU’s campus. In return, NSU would receive funding for the power plant that is on the backside the campus.

“From what I understand, NSU intends to tear down both dorms after we release the land there back to them once the dorm is completed,” said Horton.

Students have noticed the lack of the sidewalk conveniently leading students from the side of Fournet Hall directly to the library. Some students have expressed their concern or discontentment with the changes.

“It’s more dangerous since there isn’t a sidewalk the whole way there,” senior Colin Carline said. “I have to walk in the middle of the road part of the way to the library. I was always used to getting my frapp-frapp’s from there, and now I can’t because the walk is so long.”

Steve Horton said plans for new sidewalks will be fulfilled in the later parts of construction.

“There will be sidewalks constructed around the residence hall and towards the library,” Horton said.

Other students, like junior Elena Farabough, haven’t noticed a drastic issue.

“Since I don’t have a car, I am very much used to walking,” Farabough said. “It doesn’t inconvenience me since most of my classes are right there in Bienvenu. At first, it was uncomfortable since we [the students] didn’t have much of a warning, but it didn’t take long for me to adjust. It’s nice to know what it is.”

Horton also disclosed that LSMSA doesn’t discourage NSU students walking through the high school if they need to even though the buildings themselves are designed for only the LSMSA students and staff to enter.



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