Editorial: Students shouldn’t suffer due to faculty and staff unprofessionalism

Professors and unprofessionalism seem like two words that should never be in the same sentence. The unprofessionalism seen in some faculty and staff at this university has The Editorial Board raising our eyebrows and scratching our heads.

We are all in the beginning of the hardest part of the semester. Students, faculty and staff should be banding together, not splitting up. We feel like the longer classes continue, the more unorganized professors become. Students should not face consequences because of their slack.

Students are doing the absolute best they can, yet some faculty and staff make students feel that their work is never enough. There are some members of this administration that believe their status means that they can talk down to students and get away with it.

Also, some members of this administration need to stay in their department and not pry in to another that they have no business in.

NSU needs to have their administration get a reality check. They are not perfect, and neither are the students.

If faculty and staff make such a point about their schedule and office hours, they should stick to it. When a student asks a question in class about a mistake that they made, they should not catch an attitude and reverse the blame on the student(s).

If they expect us to follow the professionalism rules in the syllabus, they need to be held to that same standard.

The Editorial Board is aware that not all faculty and staff are this way, as some run their classrooms better than the government can run our country. All students should have a close partnership with a faculty or staff member.

They are here to help us. So please, we beg of you, help us. We recognize the struggle of the faculty and staff, so they should recognize our struggle. Blowing up in each other’s faces will neither help anyone nor solve whatever problem there is.

In a way, we are all partly unprofessional.

The Current Sauce

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