How to look spooky without spooking anyone

Mary Gaffney

Fashion columnist 

All Hallows Eve is finally upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m the grab your candy corn, we’re going to get spooky kind of person. Halloween is my favorite time of the year.

Yes, I was emo for four years of my life, why do you ask?

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I like to get into the spirit of scaring people and giving away a bag of candy. Usually I buy two, but by the time Halloween comes around, I have already eaten a bag and have experienced all the regret.

To get into the spirit, I listen my Halloween playlist and throw on an outfit that would frighten any mere mortal or maybe just make me look like a Twilight-crazed college student. Either way, I love playing with the darker looks for Halloween.

I like to focus my darker outfits around a certain color, so I pick black. It’s a Halloween staple and always can make an outfit look put together.

Try wearing an all-black outfit, using different textures to help it blend better. I love corduroy. It’s a fall thing. A black top paired with corduroy jeans and lace up boots can bring different dimension to a look and help the different shades meld together.

I also love playing with overall Halloween colors: oranges, dark reds, purples and greens. Pairing orange accessories with an all-black look can elevate the look on the spooky meter.

I also love using one color as the focus of the outfit. My favorite look I did was pairing a burgundy dress with all black accessories, including a bold black lip.

Feeling and looking spooky isn’t just about the clothes you wear but also your makeup. I love to get into the darker colors, packing on the black and eyeliner. With this time of year, you can even get away with wearing a dramatic pair of lashes.

It’s the one time of the year you can be whatever you want, so why do it without style?

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