I need more spark in my Halloween outfit please

Mary Gaffney

Fashion columnist

When it comes to Halloween, I know that there are many people who love to just sit back and relax with black and orange clothes as they watch their favorite spooky movie. I respect that.

But let’s dive deeper and go all out this year.

For those who are all about the costumes and not scared to be a little bit more adventurous this time of year, keep reading. I’m the person who has multiple costumes for Halloween.

How can I choose just one when there are so many looks I want to try and so many new people I want to be?

The one thing I strongly recommend is accessories. It’s the only thing that can help elevate your outfit from regular spooky to maximum spook. It’s Halloween, so go all out. Give me fake blood, witch hats and liquid latex.

Let’s get scary. Can’t think of anything to be but love horror movies? This Halloween, I’m ready to switch it up with pop culture. Play that to your advantage this year, even if your costume idea is a little last minute. There so many things you can do that aren’t extremely lame.

Pennywise seems to be this year’s favorite, especially with Tik Tok and teenage girls falling in love with Bill Harder. Nail that makeup and grab yourself a red balloon.

There are so many movie monsters to recreate for this spooky time of year!

I love sticking with the basics. I’m all about the classic Halloween costumes of ghosts, witches and ghouls. It’s so easy to throw on a dress, witch hat and black lipstick to call it a day, but not this year.

I’m ready to be extra and I know just the thing for it.

My favorite look is simple to throw on but gets me in the mood to drink some potions and ride on some broomsticks. I love the witch look, which I accomplish by throwing on a dark dress and accessorizing with green accents. I can’t forget the trusty witch hat. Green makeup and bam. I’m a spell-casting witch.

You can either slowly start incorporating Halloween into your outfits or just show up to class dressed as a ghost. If you’re going to dress up for class, please think first and act second so that you don’t alarm anyone. Don’t wear something offensive. Halloween is about having fun, not pissing people off.

Stay spooky, demons.

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