Student housing mold – who is responsible?

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“Nothing is yet to be done after calling multiple times about the issue of mold in my friend’s dorm, he even passed his HEALTH and safety inspection. Fork ‘em demons,” student Carson Brown’s post said. Brown posted the complaint for a friend of his.

On Sept. 30, 2019, student Carson Brown posted this issue in the Facebook student concerns page in regards to mold in his friend’s University Place dorm. He also shared pictures of the mold in the dorm and of the paper that said he passed his health and safety inspection.

The comments on the Facebook post were littered with other students mirroring his complaints with comments about pests such as German roaches and one comment from Stephanie Dyjack, the director of housing and residence life on campus at NSU.

“Water penetration of any kind is something that we look out for and that we ask residents to report immediately,” Campus Living Villages said.

Campus Living Villages didn’t address if mold is accounted for in the health and safety inspections.

Campus Living Villages asks that students report issues immediately and refer to the United States Environmental Agency Guidance when facing how to deal with mold and other infestations or how to prevent such occurrences.

At LSU Shreveport, they have begun the process of acquiring the lease from Campus Living Villages on their campus. The choice to acquire the lease and the ability to run the LSU Shreveport housing property themselves is meant to provide the best customer service and education for their students.

“We understand the challenges of what goes on, and we want the best for our kids,” Wendell Riley, the director of media and external relations at LSU Shreveport, said.

Campus Living Villages is an Australian-based company. This deters the company in the fact that they are less personally invested with the university apartments.

Riley spoke about how under their own umbrella, the team at LSU Shreveport could better address problems as they come up and be a more integrated part of their students’ lives.

If LSU Shreveport does acquire the control of the lease and the ability to run the property themselves, Campus Living Villages would have no business or interest on the campus. LSU Shreveport could better respond to the student needs, connect them with the university and promote the best opportunities and best options for their students.

Riley also mentioned that LSU Shreveport is not bashing Campus Living Villages. They’re simply committed to their students.


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