Scholars’, English offer dual degree program

Keator Poleman

Contributing Writer

NSU’s Department of English, Foreign Languages & Cultural Studies is teaming up with the Louisiana Scholars’ College to provide an accelerated dual degree program. Students will earn a bachelor’s degree in humanities and social thought and a master’s degree in English.

Dr. Keith Dromm, associate professor at Scholars’ College and program coordinator, said prospective students may begin submitting applications in spring 2020. Those accepted will begin graduate classes the following academic year. Current Scholars’ students may apply beginning their junior year.

The program is only available to students from Scholars’ College.

Dr. Ereck Jarvis, associate professor of English and coordinator of graduate studies, said the new initiative does not change the curriculum of either existing program.

The current graduate level program consists of 30 credit hours, including a thesis paper. Scholars’ College students must also complete a thesis to complete their program.

Dromm said the similar course structure of Scholars’ classes make it “especially suited” for the new program.

“As the state’s designated honors college, it is part of the mission of the Scholars’ College to think of new and innovative ways of delivering honors education to Louisiana residents,” Dromm said. “This program is an example of that, and we’re very excited about offering this accelerated path to an advanced degree to our current and future students.”
Koral Richard, freshman Scholars’ College student, said the program seems beneficial to students.

“This is a great school, and it’s a lot nicer to get all of that done here,” she said.

Richard said she felt sad when she learned the accelerated program was only offered in one department.

“It should be offered in other areas,” she added.

Jarvis said he is hopeful similar programs will be added in the future.

NSU students interested in applying to Scholars’ College should contact their office at 318-357-4578.

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