Reduce, reuse, recycle fashion

Mary Gaffney

Fashion Columnist

The new year has started, and everything is on fire.

It begs the question: How can I help save the world one piece of clothing at a time? The answer is simple, but it also can be expensive and take a longer time than just browsing the Forever 21 website, laughing at all the hilariously bad pants with “Hot Cheetos” written on the butt.

There are ways that shopping with Mother Earth in mind can help you save a little extra cash on the side too. There’s also a false myth that fashion must be fast and cause damage to the environment, but that is not true. Shopping sustainable brands or thrifting can easily save the polar bears, koala bears or any other type of bear.

Reducing fashion waste helps our world, and it starts with thrifting. I get majority of my favorite pieces from thrift stores or Goodwill because the clothes I find are always unique.

For the colder weather, I found an amazing coat in the Goodwill on South Drive (not sponsored, but how cool would that be?) that I have been wearing religiously since I first got it, even when it’s not cold.

When looking for pieces in Goodwill, try to think of pieces that you want to score beforehand. Think of clothing that you want to wear in the future or pieces that you could reinvent.

Tip of the day: look through every piece when you’re in the mood to thrift because you will miss really cool pieces. They will not jump out at you. If you’re dedicated to find those rad pieces, put on some music or a podcast to help time pass.

Thrifting doesn’t always have to be in person since there are so many websites that can open new doors to the thrifting world. When thrifting, look for pieces that are reusable and classic, like a white button up shirt or jeans. Vintage jeans are the holy grail of thrift finds.

Recycling and reusing fashion can be a hard thing to do if you’re stuck in a pattern or phase of your life. It can be hard for me to look at clothes I purchased as an emo kid six years ago, but I still find ways to wear the pieces I love even to this day. Changing the accessories, makeup, hair and shoes can shift an entirely different vibe with an outfit.

Pieces that are loved and worn are the most charismatic and unique pieces to find, so go forth and save the polar bears with fashion!

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