Party Girl has a pity party

Party Girl
Contributing Writer

6:05 p.m.

Hey y’all, it’s your favorite Party Girl back at it again! But this time I’m not just going to any old party. Party Girl’s got her a mans and we are gonna get lit tonight. Love is in the air, the night is young and I am ready to spend some time with the love of my life😍💃🏻!

He’s gonna come pick me up in an hour and take me out to a fancy restaurant. Better get ready. TTYL! ❤️

7:10 p.m.

Hey party people, guess my man’s running a little behind. He’s always showing up fashionably late. I’ve been waiting for this night for weeks.

It’s probably a good thing he’s a little late. It gave me some extra time to get ready. My new dress fits perfectly, my hair is done up all nice, I’ve got perfume on, my breath smells fresh and I am ready to roll!

I probably shouldn’t say this, but I think this is the one. Party Girl has finally found a man she can rely on and who treats her right. He’ll be here any minute now. Wish me luck!

7:25 p.m.

Hey all! He still hasn’t shown up yet. Maybe I should send him a text just to make sure he’s okay. Our reservations will have been taken by the time we get to the restaurant, but that’s okay. We can find another place.

I’m sure he’s just having trouble with his car. I keep telling him get that thing fixed. I’m gonna shoot him a cute message.

“Hey babe, can’t wait to see youu! Tonight is going to be magical. Let me know when you’re on your way. 😘”

Do you think that was fine? Maybe I should have worded it differently.

7:55 p.m.

Still haven’t heard from my man. His phone must be acting up. I told him to get an upgrade but he never listens. Should be here any minute now.

I’ll check his socials. He’s constantly posting on Instagram…but I have my notifications on. I would have known if he posted something. 🤔

I’m probably just being paranoid. Everything is going to be okay. Yeah, it’s not how I expected this night to go, but we’ll still have a great time together.

8:15 p.m.

Where could he be? I hope he’s not hurt. Maybe some of his friends took him out for drinks. I should check their stories. Surely they’ve posted something.

I’ll just take a look and…who’s she? She’s really pretty. But why does my man have his arm around her waist?

Why is he looking at her like that? He never looks at me like that…

What are you looking at? Don’t say it…No, I’m not crying, you’re crying! 😭😭

8:25 p.m.

What did I do wrong? Was I too clingy? Too pushy? Did I not make him feel wanted or loved? Was I not good enough?

It’s all my fault. It must have been something I did.

Don’t look at me! I’m ugly crying and you know how I hate to be looked at when I ugly cry. 😭

Maybe that tub of ice cream I bought will cheer me up. 😢

8:45 p.m.

Ice cream is helping a little, but now our favorite movie is on.😭 We used to love watching this together.

At least, I liked watching it. Did he like it? Is it too girly? There is a lot of mushy stuff in this flick.

Maybe he thought he could get into my pants if he watched it with me.

Was he just using me? Ugh, I’m such a dummy.😫 I should have known better.

9:25 p.m.

How could he fall for a girl like that! She dresses like a skank! 😠

What? Yeah I’m looking at her social media, so what? Get off my back.

Just look at her, those boobs are totally fake.

9:50 p.m.

I don’t need that cheating jerk. I’m too good for him. He doesn’t deserve someone like me. I hope he chokes on her tongue. 😤

10:20 p.m.

What am I doing? This isn’t right. I’m Party Girl! I don’t need that lying slime ball. I need go out and have my own fun.

The night is young and I’m in the mood to party! Maybe I’ll find someone new. 😉

Until next time,

Party Girl

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