SATIRE: King cake babies – more than a decoration

Keator Poleman 

Digital Editor 

You know their faces. You see their pain.  

But every year, countless are left homeless and ignored.  

Their cries for help fall on deaf ears as they helplessly brave the elements. 

King cake babies are among the most abused food decorations in the country, second only to the birthday candle.  

They are discarded indiscriminately on the sides of roads, dumpsters, alleyways and even restroom toilets. 

But hope is not lost. With help from nonprofits like the Save the King Cake Baby Foundation, millions of lonely king cake babies can find new homes. 

For less than a cup of coffee, the Save the King Cake Baby Foundation is able to give a better life to these precious Mardi Gras infants.  

With your donation of four easy payments of $4.99, you can symbolically adopt a king cake baby and follow it on its journey from a rescue shelter to living atop a freshly made King Cake. 

As a thank you, the Save the King Cake Baby Foundation will send you an autographed photo of a king cake baby, along with a 2020 the Save the King Cake Baby Foundation calendar featuring some of the many babies saved with donations from people like you. 

Call 1-800-KNG-BABY now and you too can make a difference. 

Sadie LeComte

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