Where’s my Uber?

Thomas Celles

Viewpoints Editor

After a long night out drinking at the bar, people everywhere face the challenge of returning home. In most cases, the solution is planned out in advance. For others, they know they can rely on a night owl friend or call a cab if need be.

Still others make the decision to drive their vehicles while intoxicated. Of these, some do not make it home.

Since 2012, there have been a few other options to help you get to your destination safely, namely ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft. According to CNET.com, today there are several million drivers on both platforms.

Since launching online, these platforms have drastically reduced drunk driving incidents in areas where they are present and as much as several percent nationwide, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

At first glance, this sounds great. Ridesharing apps can’t prevent drunk driving if the services aren’t available.

This is showcased in states where Uber has only been recently rolled out due to political pressure, like Wyoming in particular. Uber and Lyft have only been present in the state for just over a year. Correspondingly, Wyoming leads the nation in drunk driving incidents per capita.

NSU students and employees and citizens of Natchitoches deserve a safe way to get home if they need it. When EZ-Ryder and Uber came to town, everyone was excited, but that didn’t last.

 I’ve checked the Uber app multiple times over the last several months, and the same result has popped up every time: no cars available.

Drinking and driving is never acceptable. However, a lot of students will rationalize it when they don’t see another option available.

Dozens of times in my college career, I’ve seen people huddled around after the bar closes trying to figure out who is the “most sober,” or only moderately drunk, so they can drive everyone home.

In small communities like ours, there needs to be a solution. The advent of ridesharing brought hope to our town that we would have a safe way to get home, and that hope was quickly crushed.

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