In need of a closet purge? Donate your clothes!

Mary Gaffney 

Fashion Columnist 

With fall coming in and the leaves falling off the trees, I’m getting ready for sweaters and mom jeans, but my closet can’t handle anymore clothes. To get myself in the mood and to get my closet ready for the cold(-ish) weather, I need to get rid of the clothes that don’t bring me the joy that they used to. 

Especially with the way the world is now, I am looking to bring joy to others through the harshest moments of their life. With hurricane relief efforts and places to donate my still fashionable clothes, I am here to tell you that the fall is just the right time to re-evaluate your closet and style! 

My biggest issues with my closet are how many T-shirts I own. It’s like I only own T-shirts, when I’d rather branch out with my style. T-shirts are great to style with literally anything.

I have styled a T-shirt with mom jeans, lingerie bottoms, jean shorts, over a dress, and just as it is if it’s baggy enough. T-shirts are versatile and unique. They are a great piece to love and give away to be loved. I always look for a baggy T-shirt that is worn and loved when searching for new pieces.  

Shoes are a great piece that can make or break an outfit, so giving them away when they no longer bring you joy is the way of fashion life. It is better to donate than to throw away a piece that is still in good condition. And when I’m cleaning out my closet, it is easier for me to donate shoes that

I have no use for anymore, if they are still ready to be strut in. I have ventured away from low-rise converse and sandals, finding more love for boots and old-fashion heels.

And I still have my love for chunky dad sneakers. My love for boots has escalated from Doc Martins to faux leather heels that hit my calves in the right spot. 

Finding and loving bottoms of your outfits are hard, so finding pieces that you love after a pandemic and a hurricane is nearly impossible. For me, I went from loving skinny jeans to wanting to rip them all apart, but black torn skinny jeans are always a look.

Having a stable bottom in your wardrobe is essential for every day, especially in the fall. So, when you’re making space for your new sweaters and turtlenecks, find those jeans or bottoms that you don’t love anymore and send them to a home that needs them!  

It’s a hard time right now and people need our help, so whether you want to donate your clothing to Goodwill Industries, The Salvation Army, or to even donate money to American Red Cross. You can help those who really need it.  

To help the victims of Hurricane Laura through The Salvation Army, go to or to donate through

Cajun Navy Relief is taking donations of clothing, cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, and more. To find sustainable ways to clean your closet, remember to donate!  

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