NSU and MSU Theta Chi Chapters come together

Timothy Holdiness 

Contributing Writer

When Hurricane Laura blew through Louisiana, Northwestern State University’s campus and student body were affected in many ways from power outages to fallen trees.  

While the power outage on NSU’s was restored within a week, there are still people in Calcasieu Parish without lights and water. Many groups have brought supplies to those effected.  

Students who attend NSU have all had different experiences with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. One of the students effected has had the support of his fraternity behind him.   

The Theta Chi Fraternity, Eta Omicron Chapter, of NSU partnered with the Theta Rho Chapter from McNeese State University to embody their motto of lending “An Assisting Hand” by removing destroyed furniture, carpet and appliances for those that wouldn’t have been able to do it on their own.  

They spent Sep. 12 and 13 cleaning up three homes by clearing yards of downed branches, roof shingles and removing debris. 

The two fraternities demonstrated their commitment to brotherhood by partnering to help a community in need. 

“We were blessed as brothers to have that opportunity to help those in need, especially one of our own,” said NSU Theta Chi Marshal, Branton Turner, Jr.  

From the NSU Theta Chi Chapter, those present were Darrin Nixon, Nicholas Carter,  and Branton Turner, Jr.  

From the McNeese Theta Chi Chapter, those present were Tyler LeBlanc, Caden Owens, John Laneve, Andrew Barras and Kris Evans.  

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  1. I’m proud of all my brothers from both chapter’s who participated Much of my family is in Lake Charles, and I would have loved to assist my brothers, had I been physically able.

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