Students gear up to geaux vote

Trinity Ford 


With Election day on Nov. 3 college students are preparing to make difficult decisions on when and where to vote. 

“Majority of college students tend to not vote, however, our voice is one that can influence the polls,”  Courville said. 

Senior Adam Courville feels that political opinions should be talked about among students to help people see both sides of the coin and there should not be hostility if there are disagreements. 

Having voted before, some students know what to expect. 

“I vote in Opelousas because that is where I’m registered,” sophomore Alyssa Chachere said. “It’s very simple. You walk in and go cast your vote. It’s completely confidential and there are curtains around you.” 

For other students, such as sophomore Caroline Burgeois, this year will be the first time they will be able execute their right as a United States citizen.  

Bourgeois stated that though this will be her first time voting she feels it is important for college students and other citizens to vote. 

“Every vote matters, every voice should be heard,” Bourgeois said. 

Morgan Durrett, another first time voter, is still gathering information about the candidates running for office. 

“I know that it is a very important part of being an adult and making decisions,” Durrett said. “But I would love to gain more knowledge on the people who are running before I make a decision.” 

Whether new or old, every voter has their w 

“It’s important because voting is your right as an American, and I believe it is important to use this right to participate in the Election,” sophomore Matthew Courville said. 

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