Spirit of Northwestern to hold first post-COVID-19 performance

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The Spirit of Northwestern Marching Band will be holding a Band Extravaganza on Oct. 29. Their first and only performance of the semester, the event will feature band members, the Demon Dazzlers and the Demon Heat Color Guard. 

Dr. Jeff Matthews, director of bands and associate professor of music, along with the assistant band directors created the event to allow band members to play music in a socially distanced way so students could experience a sense of normalcy. 

Matthews stated that due to COVID-19 the band has split into smaller components. 

“So we’ve been working all semester on some music, and part of the band is going to play for a while, and then the color guard is going to spin, and the Dazzlers are going to dance,” Matthews said. “And then we’re all going to do something together at the end.” 

As a drum major Abigail Kent, senior music education major, has been working closely with the band by conducting rehearsals and performances. 

Kent noted that Band Extravaganza will be the SON’S only performance for the semester and the members want to provide a place where people can come and see the band and have a good time. 

“At the end, we’re also performing together as one show,” Kent said. “Just performing some music all together to kind of just have that Spirit of Northwestern feel again in the mix of all this craziness for everyone.” 

For Jacob St. Pierre, senior music education major and drum major, the silver lining of coordinating an event during COVID-19 has been being around music again. 

“Whenever the world stopped in March, all of our ensembles stopped,” St. Pierre said. “Just to hear people playing music again, and hearing the full band come together a few weeks ago, it was so cool to just hear the power and the sound that the Spirit of Northwestern normally gives off.”  

 Matthews ensures that the event will strictly follow CDC guidelines so audience members can safely enjoy a live performance. 

“All of the fire marshal protocols are being followed, like people have to arrive with masks,” Matthews said. “The seats will be socially distanced and there will be stickers on the seats where they can sit, and they can remove the masks once they’re seated but they have to have them for entry and exit to Turpin.” 

A Band Extravaganza will be held in Turpin Stadium at 6 p.m. The event is free, but attendees must RSVP. A Band Extravaganza will be livestreamed for those who cannot attend in person.  

For more information on a Band Extravaganza, or to RSVP, students can visit the Spirit of Northwestern Facebook page. 

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