Louisiana’s government continues internal COVID-19 protocols struggle

Timothy Holdiness 

News Editor 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Louisiana Legislature has had an internal struggle regarding the COVID-19 restrictions put in place by Gov. John Bel Edwards.  

“They have somewhat retreated on that lately,” Mandi Landry, a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives said. “It’s been quiet.” 

Rep. Landry said to continue to be careful, get vaccinated and watch out for each other. Photo from louisiana.gov.

Louisiana Attorney Gen. Jeff Landry sued the governor to end all COVID-19 restrictions with the support of much of the conservative side of the state legislature.  

“I think they lost steam when the AG lost in court,” Rep. Landry said. 

The case went to the Louisiana Supreme Court where it was sent back to the original jurisdiction court to be retried.  

“Now we have vaccines, so things are opening back up,” Rep. Landry said. 

Gov. Edwards placed the state into Phase 3 and extended the mask mandate until the end of Mar.  

Many republican members of the state legislature continue to refuse to wear masks during sessions.  

Rep. Landry said that all Democrats wore their masks when in session, while only a few Republicans wore their masks.  

Landry said that we should continue wearing masks until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention permits us to stop. 

Landry said to continue to be careful, get vaccinated and watch out for each other. 

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