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Mary Gaffney  

Fashion Columnist  

Spring trends are rolling in and, demons, I’m looking forward to the bright colors and funky prints that will be heading out on the runways, right into stores, online, Walmart or even Goodwill Industries. With trends coming back from almost every decade, on-style clothes will be easy to find this season.  

One style I’ve been seeing most often are knits, either in bright colors, pastels or funky prints.  I’ve seen this trend in stores already, whenever I go to Target to dissociate and spend all my money, or when I just am cruising on Pinterest, looking for things to spend more of my money on. I have seen so many cute knits, so don’t get discouraged when you think about this new trend.  

Think about sweater vests over collared shirts, as a pop of color or to pair with a perfect monochromatic look. Knits can be sweaters, vets, cardigans, dresses or even lounge wear. There is so much that knits can do and they can be worn in so many different ways.  

Knits can be thought as more of a winter and fall look, something to bundle up in and keep warm. Knits can be worn throughout all seasons, as long as you know how to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When it is a colder day, I like to bundle myself up in a nice knit sweater, one that is thick and easy to keep warm in.  

For spring, I tend to opt for bright color knits or cardigans to help regulate my temperature depending on where I’ll be. With quarantine, knit lounge wear is also a cute and stylish look while trying not to catch the plague of 2020 that has crept its way into 2021.  

Another trend that is hitting everywhere are knit dresses, although I would save that for a colder day. Embroidered knit cardigans or tank tops are also a subtle way to add some knit into your outfits. I prefer the bolder looks with knit, since standing out is something fashion is all about for me.  

No matter how you wear knits, participating in this trend is a great way to get into the spring spirit. Demons, get out of the sweaty knitted box and go try this new spring 2021 trend! 

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