Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor   The annual Christmas Gala performance, held by Northwestern State University’s School of Creative and Performing Arts, will be taking place virtually this December due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The Gala program, which kicks off the Natchitoches Christmas Festival every year, will include classic performances from the choir, orchestra, musical theater students, dance students, jazz band andContinue Reading

Kendall Caple    Reporter  As college students, a group of undead, personality clashing roommates who maintain an aversion to the sun is a situation we are all too familiar with.  Directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, “What We Do in the Shadows” is a horror-comedy mockumentary that explores the lives of four ancient vampires, Viago, Vladislav, Deacon and Petyr, asContinue Reading

Timothy Holdiness Reporter  In the coming weeks the nation will be voting for president, but that is not the only item on the ballot.   Natchitoches voters will also be deciding on U.S. senator, U.S. house of representatives, public safety commissioner, city judge and eight ballot measures.   Seven of the ballot measures are amendments to the Louisiana Constitution.   The amendments were put forward by the Louisiana House of Representatives and state senate and will be at the end of theContinue Reading

Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor    The Spirit of Northwestern Marching Band will be holding a Band Extravaganza on Oct. 29. Their first and only performance of the semester, the event will feature band members, the Demon Dazzlers and the Demon Heat Color Guard.   Dr. Jeff Matthews, director of bands and associate professor of music, along with the assistant band directors created the event to allow band members to play music in a sociallyContinue Reading

Kendall Caple Reporter In June, as protests against the death of George Floyd engulfed U.S. cities, Secretary of Defense Mike Esper announced he was “open to a bipartisan discussion” of renaming military bases that honor Confederate leaders. Fort Polk, the Army facility near Leesville, was among the military bases discussed.   Some weeks later, President Donald Trump declared no basesContinue Reading

Trinity Velazquez Editor in Chief My boyfriend, Cody, is white. There is no way to ease into that, so I won’t try. He’s a six foot something white guy who loves anything related to basketball, eating hibachi and politics.   I don’t know why it seems awkward for me to say,Continue Reading

Trinity Ford  Reporter   Despite the ongoing pandemic, intramurals are still being held with safety precautions in place.  “They are going well,” Tri Sigma President Brette Reaux said. “It’s obviously different than normal and we don’t have as many sports because we can only do spaced out ones but it’s still super fun.”  Many differentContinue Reading

Timothy Holdiness  Reporter  This Thursday, President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will debate for the final time for the 2020 presidential election, on Sept. 29. Students at Northwestern State University tuned in to watch the first presidential debate of the campaign season.  Former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, and President DonaldContinue Reading