If you, too, are not a Natchitoches local, you’ve probably never heard of the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center. It’s located on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and has recently opened the Legacy Café. The small café is located just inside the community center with it’s very modern and fresh-lookingContinue Reading

Unfortunately, when first moving to Natchitoches, it won’t take you very long at all to notice there is a complete lack of public transportation in this college town community. It is true that most places are within walking distance, but you won’t notice a large amount of foot traffic inContinue Reading

Alphonse Engram is a sophomore in the brand-new dance B.F.A. program. Not only is he starring in the spring production of “Cat in the Hat,” he will also be featured in two Senior Dance Concert pieces, an ACDA piece and is also a member of the Demon Dazzlers. How doesContinue Reading

In 2018, Northwestern’s Chamber Choir was able to make their first trip overseas. This summer, they plan on continuing their travels by competing in the 4th annual international choral competition Ave Verum in Baden/Austria. The choir will be traveling from May 22 until June 3. They will be only oneContinue Reading

Christamas Gala, for most students, means a lot of on-campus traffic, and a couple people missing in their classes. For CAPA students, it’s a performance opportunity on the collegiate level that is most comparable to professional work. We perform nine shows in three days and have taken the show toContinue Reading

“Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead” is an absurdist production that examines the world of art versus the world of reality. The show is based off Shakespeare’s Hamlet with the side characters of the original show, Rosencrantz and Gildenstern, as the leads. Pia Wyatt, who directed the show and was nominatedContinue Reading

Magee’s Patio Café, located across the street from campus, is a restaurant I used to visit often. Is it a restaurant designed for tourists and prospective students, or is this a restaurant that the student body should be frequenting more often? The combination of the inside and outside picnic benchContinue Reading

When I arrived at A. A. Frederick’s to watch the student production of “Spring Awakening,” I was struck by one of the more impressive sets I have seen at this university to date. The floor was ornately painted with a splatter that began in its center. It was very reminiscentContinue Reading

Any good foodie knows that sometimes the best restaurants are the tiny hole-in-the-walls that only the locals know about. Magnolia’s Dinner, located on Bossier Street, is owned by Cora Franklin, who is also the head chef of the establishment. When you walk in to take your order, she will beContinue Reading

   The Tony Award-winning show “Spring Awakening” is a rock musical set in 1891 Germany that deals with incredibly emotionally challenging themes.    As an actor, shows such as this can be very heavy and difficult to deal with. One must be able to revisit the topics each night withContinue Reading