Holly Jenkins Reporter University President Dr. Chris Maggio announced that there will be a virtual commencement program on May 8, the day that ceremonies were originally intended to take place, followed by a traditional, face-to-face ceremony later this summer. On March 18, Dr. Maggio said that the commencement for spring graduates had been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Following that announcement, theContinue Reading

Students of the Louisiana Scholars’ College have been required to enroll in and complete three semesters of Science Seminar for several years. This semester, students are reading two books pertaining to climate change.Continue Reading

The 2018 Southland Conference season is off to a successful start for the Lady Demons after sweeping Lamar University in a three-game series March 9-10. The sweep was the team’s first in the Southland Conference since 2015, but not their first of the regular season.Continue Reading