Krista Hanson  Viewpoints Editor  As an English major at Northwestern State University, my dream is to one day work in a publishing company with authors getting books ready to be sold. Because of their fast shipping and low prices, Amazon has become one of the most prominent companies for consumers to shop for books. However, buying books on AmazonContinue Reading

Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor  JirNecia Ward, a senior computer information systems major, was crowned winner of the 2021 Miss Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet Scholarship Program on Friday, Jan. 15.  NSU held its long-standing Lady of the Bracelet Pageant to a live audience over Cisco Webex.  “I will say that the best feeling for me was actuallyContinue Reading

Timothy Holdiness News Editor  On Wednesday, Joseph Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States of America at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.  “Seeing that the inauguration was diverse in races, languages, ethnics and ages, showed me that we can be taking a step in the right direction,” sophomore business administrationContinue Reading

Timothy Holdiness  News Editor  The stage on Iberville Green is set to be named Oaks Stage in honor of the first seven Black students to attend Northwestern State University.  “We have a richly diverse university and I am so proud to do a small part in celebrating and recognizing thisContinue Reading

 Timothy Holdiness  Reporter   close, students are looking to the first months of the spring 2021 at Northwestern State University with mixed feelings and uncertainty.  Tashon Adams, a freshman social work major, said he is nervous for what the spring will bring.  “It’ll be a different set of courses and IContinue Reading

 Kelsi Horn Contributing Writer One day my grandfather forgot my name.  Henry Jack Horn was a Korean War veteran, with four children; eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He stood tall with a real grandpa belly. He paid close attention to his grandchildren and always called me Sugar Booger.  InContinue Reading

 Lora Luquet Arts and Living Editor  Two days before I left for the Thanksgiving holiday, I received a text from my dad saying that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He had no symptoms and was hopeful for a quick recovery.  He was even cracking jokes.  “Isn’t it ironic thatContinue Reading

   Trinity Ford Reporter This semester has been a little rough for me, as I am sure it has been for a lot of you. I used to doubt myself, I had extremely low self-esteem and I lacked self-confidence. That got me nowhere.  I burned some bridges that were toxic.Continue Reading

  Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor   The Center for Inclusion and Diversity is teaming up with the Department of Criminal Justice, History and Social Sciences to sponsor the Native American Film Club; an ongoing film series in the month of November that celebrates National Native American Heritage Month.  This film series, which began on Nov. 5th and will end on the first Thursday ofContinue Reading

Lora Luquet  Arts and Living Editor  Child and family studies major Abby Vallery is holding a diaper drive with the Women’s Resource Center of Natchitoches for mothers who need diapers and wipes.   The drive, which will be accepting donations through Nov. 20, is a part of Vallery’s course and graduation requirements.  Continue Reading